-Meet the Studio Fitness Instructors – One Tribe

Tai Bio PicTaina Boynton – Owner/GFM.  Taina’s dream of opening a fitness studio was realized in 2009 .  Her goal is to deliver a life changing experience one member…..one class at a time. Taina is  Les Mills certified in  BodyPumpBodyFlow, BodyVive and BodyAttack, GRIT as well as Mat Science 1.  She also teaches spinning/ spin-core. 

Melissa Paradee  (GFM) Body Flow, Body Pump, Spinning, GRIT COACH

Georgie Boynton Body Flow, Body Pump, GRIT COACH

Laurie CorneliusStep Aerobics, POUND FItness

Beth Devoe CoughlinSpinning

Katie MeisingerSpinning

Stacy Kent, GRIT COACH, Body Pump, Spinning

Brianna Mayhew Body Flow

Nicole Moran Body Pump, KickBoX

Laura Wolk Body Pump

Adam KingBody Pump, H.I.I.T.

Julia Bizzaro  Spinning

Emme O’Rourke:  Body Pump, H.I.I.T.